About Us

Awareness and preparedness are keys to succeeding in any business environment. Those elements have allowed Sissiboo to continue its proactive and innovative solutions for fur farmers across North America. As the demands and operating requirements of fur farming change, Sissiboo is first to provide raw materials, finished goods, value added products and commodities for every aspect of ranching.

The Management Team continually work toward being ready for changes required by markets, legislation, disease or other factors affecting our customers. Through participation in association activities, attending trade shows, international procurement and in-house innovation, we are ready for the next generation of fur farms! The services and products offered at Sissiboo are designed for our unique clients and their individual farming practices.

Meeting customers' needs on time, on budget and with high quality is the end goal for all of our activities. The team works together to ensure that you have what you need, when you need it. In addition, we go the extra mile to assure and ensure that any deviation from quality, pricing or due dates is dealt with professionally, with consideration and at as little cost and disruption as possible to our valued clients.

As we begin another season, and with industry changes affecting your business call on our team at Sissiboo Farm Supplies to help. Thank you for your patronage and may this season be better in all ways.

 Sincerely, Randolph E. Sabine

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